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„ (tennis) definitely made me more resilient, I think, just for everything else in life, really. Competing at the highest level for 20 years has allowed me to tap into the parts of myself mentally, physically, emotionally that I didn't know existed. I had to really dig deep so many times to really overcome challenges and reach history and great achievements. But it also taught me that if you do things in the right way, if you're dedicated on a daily basis to constant improvement approach of trying to perfect your skills, yourself as a person, as an athlete, it will get you to stars and even further. So nothing really is impossible if you, first of all, strongly believe in it, visualize it, and then, you know, create a right short-term and long-term plan in order to execute everything that you're dreaming of. I achieved my childhood dreams in 2011, and then I had to come up with new dreams and new goals and set new horizons to reach. Also, I think it taught me to be accepting the small losses in life with, you know, figuratively speaking, with more optimism. And that also whatever happens, if you lose a tennis match, there's always another one coming around the corner. It is a very demanding sport. It is a sport that has the longest season of all sports, but it's a very beautiful sport that, as I say in this regard, always gives you another opportunity, another chance, another week where you can shine and win a trophy and kind of reinvent yourself.”
by Novak Djokovic (via Indian Wells Press (2024))