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Roland GarrosRoland Garros

The French Open or Roland Garros, is a major tennis tournament since 1891 which currently held at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France. Named after the French aviator Roland Garros, it is the most important clay court tennis championship.

Men's Singles Women's Singles


(Grass and) Sand – Racing Club de France; Sand - Île de Puteaux, Tennis Club de Paris; Clay – Racing Club de France, Societe Athletique de la Villa Primrose, Stade Français;


Racing Club de France - Paris (1891,1892,1908,1910-11,1913-14,1920-24,1926),
Tennis Club de Paris - Paris (1893,1896-1907),
Île de Puteaux - Paris (1894-95),
Societe Athletique de la Villa Primrose - Bordeaux (1909),
Stade Français CASG - Paris (1912,1925,1927),
Stade Roland Garros - Paris (1928-present)


Championnat De France/French Championships (1891-1924, French Championships (1925-1967), French Open/Roland Garros (1968-present)

Roland Garros
„There is no greater challenge in tennis than beating Rafa at the French Open.”
by Marian Vajda


Henri Wallet (1920-1925),
Albert Canet (1925- 1930),
Pierre Gillou (1930-1940),
René Lacoste (1940-1943),
Raymond Rodel (1943-1944),
Pierre Gillou (1944-1953),
Guy de Bazillac (1953-1963),
Robert Soisbault (1963-1966),
Roger Cirotteau (1966-1968),
Marcel Bernard (1968-1973),
Philippe Chatrier (1973-1993),
Christian Bîmes (1993-2009),
Jean Gachassin (2009–2017),
Bernard Giudicelli (2018-2021)
Gilles Moretton (2021-present)