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Roland Garros

Women's Singles
„The French (Open) is something else, more challenging than the others, more difficult to win, more satisfying from the standpoint of having survived a terrific Paris you know you've been in a fight.”
by Rod Laver


Sand - outdoors (1897,1898,1899,1900,1901,1902,1903,1904,1905,1906,1907)
Clay - outdoors (1908,1909,1910,1911,1912,1913,1914,1920-present)


Île de Puteaux - Paris (1897,1899,1901,1903,1905,1907)
Racing Club de France - Paris (1898,1900,1902,1904,1906,1908,1910-14,1920-24,1926)
Societe Athletique de la Villa Primrose - Bordeaux (1909)
Stade Français CASG - Paris (1925,1927)
Stade Roland Garros - Paris (1928-present)

Name of the Tournament

Championnat De France/French Championships (1891-1924, French Championships (1925-1967), French Open/Roland Garros (1968-present)


Henri Wallet (1920-1925)
Albert Canet (1925- 1930)
Pierre Gillou (1930-1940)
René Lacoste (1940-1943)
Raymond Rodel (1943-1944)
Pierre Gillou (1944-1953)
Guy de Bazillac (1953-1963)
Robert Soisbault (1963-1966)
Roger Cirotteau (1966-1968)
Marcel Bernard (1968-1973)
Philippe Chatrier (1973-1993)
Christian Bîmes (1993-2009)
Jean Gachassin (February 2009–present)