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US Open

Women's Singles
US Open
US Open 1983
Date August 30 - September 11
Location Flushing, New York, USA
Venue USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
Surface DecoTurf
Participants 128
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United States (USA)[1]Martina Navratilova
6-0 6-1Martina Navratilova
West Germany (FRG)[7]Sylvia Hanika6-0 6-3
6-4 6-1Martina Navratilova
United States (USA)[3]Andrea Jaeger6-2 6-1
4-6 6-2 6-1Pam Shriver
United States (USA)[5]Pam Shriver7-6 6-3
6-2 6-2Martina Navratilova
Argentina (ARG)Ivana Madruga6-1 6-3
6-1 6-3Jo Durie
United Kingdom (GBR)[14]Jo Durie6-2 6-2
6-3 6-0Chris Evert
Czechoslovakia (TCH)[8]Hana Mandlikova6-4 6-4
6-3 7-5Chris Evert
United States (USA)[2]Chris Evert6-4 6-3
6-4 6-3