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Brian Norton

tennis player
Full name: Brian Ivan Cobham Norton
Nickname: Babe
Born October 10, 1899 in Robben Island, Cape Province, South Africa
Died July 16, 1956 in Santa Clara, California, USA
Plays Right-handed
Bio He was the third child and the second son of Reginald Cobham Norton and Elizabeth Christina Zoutendyk.
Misc According to William Tilden: B. I. C. Norton, the South African champion, a youngster of twenty, is a phenomenal player of extreme brilliancy. He has everything in stroke equipment, drives, slices, volleys, and a fine service and overhead. Unfortunately Norton regards his tennis largely as a joke. His judgment is therefore faulty, and he is apt to loaf on the court. He tries the most impossible shots that sometimes go in; and in the main, his court generalship is none too good.
He is an irrepressible boy, and his merry smile and chatter make him a tremendous favourite with the gallery. He has a very strong personality that should carry him a long way. (Source: The Art of Lawn Tennis)
Tournament AO RG W US Win-Loss
1919 A A R32 A 2-1
1920 A A R16 A 3-1
1921 A A RU A 7-1
1922 A A R64 A 1-1
1923 A A SF SF 9-2
1924 A A A R16 3-1
1925 A A A R16 2-1
1926 A A A R64 0-1
Win-Loss 0-0 0-0 18-5 9-4 27-9