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Amanda Janes

tennis player

Alias: Mrs D.Keen
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Bio Amanda Janes, the daughter of former Wimbledon finalist Christine Truman and was as the second-ranked British woman, formally announced her retirement on summer 2005. Janes disclosed that her departure from tennis was in part caused by "the stress" of borrowing thousands of pounds from her mother to help fund her career.

The 27-year-old has had a lifetime of being introduced as the daughter of Truman, the darling of the Fifties and the Sixties with the innocent air and the murderous forehand, the former French Open champion who also might have won a Wimbledon title had she not slipped on the rain-greased Centre Court grass in the all-English 1961 final against Angela Mortimer. During Janes' time on the tour, her mother was a free coach, a personal banker and a source of gentle, much-needed encouragement.

Janes has had a reasonable career in her own right, with the left-hander coming close to breaking into the world's top 200 players this year. And there was the genuine possibility at the start of the season that they would become the first mother and daughter to both be ranked as the British No 1. But that was not to be, and with her lack of progress on the ranking computer, Janes became increasingly worried about her debts.

At the time of her final competitive match, her opening-round defeat at Wimbledon last summer, she owed her mother around £8,000. "It wasn't a nice thought that I was 27 and having to rely on money from my mother. I didn't want to be dependent on my parents. That put even more stress and pressure on me. The Wimbledon wild card helped pay off my debts, but that's not what it should be like, thinking about the money rather than simply concentrating on winning matches. That was no fun," Janes said.

Janes calculated that towards the end of her career a year's worth of flights, hotel rooms, general living expenses and fees for hitting-partners amounted to more than £40,000, and the figure would have been far higher if her mother had not provided free coaching.
"I used up all my life savings on my tennis career," said Janes, who also borrowed some money from her father and her husband-to-be to invest in her tennis. She also received a small annual sum from the Lawn Tennis Association.

Janes, who was married in July 2005and held the reception at the All England Club, is now working at a boarding school where she is teaching English to the sixth form.
"I feel like I have a lot more money as a teacher than I did as a tennis player. I actually have some regular cash coming through each month.

''I was certainly never going to be destitute during my tennis career, as I could always borrow more money from my parents and my husband, but I reached the point where I didn't want to play any more," she said.
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