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US OpenUS Open

The United States Open Tennis Championships is a hardcourt tennis tournament, which started with the U.S. National Championship in 1881. The competition currently held at USTA Jean King National Tennis Center, New York.

Men's Singles Women's Singles


Grass - outdoors (1881–1974) Clay - outdoors (1975–1977) DecoTurf - outdoors (1978–present)


The Casino (1881-1914), West Side Tennis Club (1915-1920),Germantown Cricket Club (1921-1923), West Side Tennis Club (1924-1977), USTA Billie Jean King National Center (1978-present)


U.S. National Championships (1881-1967), US Open (1968-present)

US Open
„This is the toughest tournament in the world, because it has the toughest surface. It hurts your feet, your legs, your arm, your mind.”
by Mel Purcell after his loss in 5 sets against Jose-Luis Clerc in the Third Round at the US Open in 1985 (UPI)


R.S. Oliver (1881–1882)
James Dwight (1882–1884)
T.K. Fraser (1885–1886)
Richard Sears (1887–1888)
Joseph Clark (1889–1891)
Henry Slocum (1892–1893)
James Dwight (1894–1911)
Robert Wrenn (1912–1915)
George Adee (1916–1919)
Julian Myrick (1920–1922)
Dwight F. Davis (1923)
George Wightman (1924)
Jones W. Mersereau (1925–1927)
Samuel H. Colloml (1928–1929)
Louis Dailey (1930)
Louis J. Carruthers (1931–1932)
Henry S. Know (1933)
Walter Merrill Hall (1934–1936)
Holcombe Ward (1937–1947)
Lawrence Baker (1948–1950)
Russell B. Kingman (1951–1952)
James H. Bishop (1953–1955)
Renville H. McMann (1956–1957)
Victor Denny (1958–1959)
George Barnes (1960–1961)
Edward A. Turville (1962–1963)
James B. Dickey (1964)
Martin Tressel (1965–1966)
Robert J. Kelleher (1967–1968)
Alastair Martin (1969–1970)
Robert B. Colwell (1971–1972)
Walter E. Elcock (1973–1974)
Stan Malless (1975–1976)
William E. Hester (1977–1978)
Joseph E. Carrico (1979–1980)
Marvin P. Richmond (1981–1982)
Hunter L. Delatour, Jr. (1983–1984)
J. Randolph Gregson (1985–1986)
Gordon D. Jorgensen (1987–1988)
David R. Markin (1989–1990)
Robert A. Cookson (1991–1992)
J. Howard Frazer (1993–1994)
Lester M. Snyder, Jr. (1995–1996)
Harry Marmion (1997–1998)
Julia Levering (1999–2000)
Mervin Heller, Jr. (2001–2002)
Alan Schwartz (2003–2004)
Franklin Johnson (2005–2006)
Jane Brown Grimes (2007–2008)
Lucy S. Garvin (2009–2010)
Jon Vegosen (2011–2012)
David A. Haggerty (2013-2014)
Katrina Adams (2015-present)
Patrick Galbraith (2019 - )